Shelf Feeding

Got a Lot of Mouths to Feed - Be proactive....Maximize Your Feed Efficiency - more pounds for less money – that’s what better nutrition can do for your operation.

The Economic Advantage

Shelf field goals have always been to help farmers implement an effective feeding program that allows maximum intake of a nutritionally balanced ration that combines all quality dietary ingredients formulated to meet specific requirements. Our unique growth system is unrivaled and exemplary due to providing high nutritional output in cost-saving than availably standard feeding. The cost of feeding that same portion of food using our unique growth solution, with a much higher nutritional value reflects a dramatic reduction of more than 50 % in the feeding costs.
High Quality

High-quality fresh green feeding every day will..

Animals eat with fondness during the feeding. Ruminant animals, including sheep, and goats, were designed to consume a diet composed of plants. Shelf feeding, high protein and energy value grasses provide for all season, for 365 days, the closest thing to a natural diet as possible while improving the overall health of the livestock supports the concept of natural living and species-appropriate with diets used in livestock production. includes balanced vitamins for stronger immune system.

The Organic Production Advantage

It is supposed to provide healthy, whole foods to our growing population. the goal is to optimize the health and productivity of interdependent communities of soil life, plants, animals and people. Transforming from conventional farming by shelf feeding to gives you together with organic farming advantage, the power to change lives and ultimately change the world. A properly nourished cow is in better physical condition to defend against infections, handle stress, and other physical challenges. Likewise, proper nutritional intake is essential early in the lactation to prepare the animal's reproductive system for conception and pregnancy. shelf feeding is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and growth factors, not using fertilizer, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, herbicides or GDO product in the shelf field.

Healthy Nutrition for A Healthy Life

Shelf feeding is sanitary and helping on their immune systems, Provides continuity in animal health with improved probiotic, prebiotic and enzymes, that minimizing the need for antibiotics and drugs provides the nutrition, appropriate for their as nature intended. The largest study of its kind has found that organic foods and crops have a suite of advantages over their conventional counterparts, including more antioxidants and fewer, less frequent pesticide residues.
For Human Health Benefits; Compared to meat from grain-fed animals, meat from grass-fed animals is lower in total fat, higher in vitamins and antioxidants, meat and dairy product contains higher omega 3/6 fatty acids. It is very important these values for human health and also important for animal health.


Controlled-Environment Agriculture (CEA) Technology

Shelf field vertical farms using techniques similar to greenhouses, where natural sunlight can be augmented with artificial lighting, we can be regulated to fulfill livestock needs with unique seeds sterilization without chemical process. The modern ideas of vertical farming use indoor farming techniques and controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) technology, where all environmental factors can be controlled by artificial environment control system. There is no more costly soil preparation, planting, irrigation, fertilizing, mowing, windrowing, baling and hammer milling.

The Advantage of Using Different Seed Varieties

Green Feeds are mandatory for animals. It is a well-known fact that nutritional ratios that do not contain green fodder cause inadequate feeding of farm animals. Feed supply throughout the year is very important, economic and sustainable livestock, One of the most important problems of farmers is to supply feed in rich nutritious, mineral and vitamin in low cost for below reasons. Standard Green Feeds that sold in the market does not have enough nutritious and other additional diets is less digestibility rate and Being dependence getting feed with GDO or imports product is the major problem of Feeders. At this point with our system, many domestic cheap seeds are obtained into high protein and energy valued shelf feeding.

The Environmental Advantage

Vertical production with soilless farming. There is no more need Soil, land or large agricultural areas. Yield grown in 1000 m2 in current agriculture is produced only in 2m2 by our system. While using shelf fields reduces the carbon footprint of the farm according to conventional cultivation. Our aeroponic system is a closed loop system, using 98% less water than field farming and 40% less than hydroponics system. We do not harm the soil, ground-water, animals and the environment, because we do not use fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, herbicides etc..

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