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The era we live in has changed, and so should your farming techniques. Nutritionally strengthening the next generation of cattle... Shelf Field establishes feed products plant for dairy farms. More easily, full of nutritional values with high digestibility protein and enzymes the digestion process is done in a lower energy expense, which causes more energy to be utilized to a higher quality and quantity milk production.
Healthier Animal
Shelf feeding increases fertility (low BUN values versus high protein feeding) and gives rise to a healthier animal requiring less veterinary care. not only keeps dairy cattle healthy but can give premium prices from higher grades of butterfat in the milk. If you require a higher nutrient value with the cheapest price for your operation the shelf Feeds proud to offer you service. We can help you with premix or customized orders. Maximize Your Feed Efficiency - More than 50% less expensive, make more profit – that’s what better nutrition can do for your operation.

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